We're here, we're queer...and we're believers

Society has forever tried to tell homosexual people what they can and can't be.  
Some within our community preach the same message conservative churches do. Take your pick they say. It's one or the other. You can't be both gay and a Christian. This is not helpful, especially to young gay people growing up in a faith community, and we should reject that message whoever is preaching it.

Because we live in a democratic country. And in a democratic country you can live, love and be proud as a gay person and you can choose to be an atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Moslem or Jew.

We're here, We're queer, And we believe. Churches are getting used to the new reality and increasingly so is our community.

You no longer have to choose between your faith and your sexuality. An integrated, congruous life is a healthy life.
© Anthony Venn-Brown 
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Anthony Venn-Brown is the co-founder and former leader of Freedom2b, Australia’s largest network of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people from Christian backgrounds. He is also an educator and consultant on LGBT/faith issues and leader in deconstructing the ‘ex-gay’ myth. Anthony’s autobiography 'A Life of Unlearning', details his journey from married, high profile preacher in Australia’s mega-churches to living as an openly gay man. Anthony has been twice voted ‘One of the 25 Most Influential Gay and Lesbian Australians’ (2007 & 2009) and  was one of four finalists for the 2011 ACON Community Hero Award. He is also the founder and director of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International.

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