Former Ex-gay Leader - Paul Martin

Paul Martin
Principal Psychologist - Centre for Human Potential
Former Exodus Leader – Melbourne

I was the Co-leader of the Melbourne Chapter of Exodus International (based at Blackburn Baptist Church) for approximately 2 years. My role included speaking at national conferences for church groups, facilitating group meetings, supporting individuals in their struggles and being “counseled” by the founder of that chapter Roger Marks.

During this time, there was not one person that I met or worked with who, in any genuine way achieved the fundamental transformation from homosexual to heterosexual they so desperately desired. The stress of attempting to change their sexual orientation however increased risk of suicidality, and absolutely led to erosion of self-esteem and increased levels of depression and self-deprecation at a very deep level.

There is little current evidence that sexual orientation can be altered. Some research that has made this suggestion has largely seemed to be fundamentally flawed. As a psychologist, I would encourage anyone who is struggling with this issue to look at the objective evidence rather than the heavily biased rhetoric coming out of fundamental Churches.

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