"A Life of Unlearning" Book Launch Speeches

Anthony Venn-Brown's autobiography has been completely rewritten, with an additional 80 pages of valuable information and was relaunched at the Midnight Shift in Darlinghurst, Sydney. What an amazing night! Over 300 people gathered to celebrate the new edition and hear moving stories from readers whose lives have been impacted from the story. If you can't watch videos on your computer you can read the transcripts here.
Anthony Venn-Brown

Glenn Wheeler
Radio Station 2UE's and Channel 7 presenter Glenn Wheeler relates powerfully and emotionally how his interview with Anthony Venn-Brown impacted on his listening audience and also his own family.

Ryan speaks of his coming out to his parents, his attempts to "get straight" and his final revelation that he is gay, and that that is OK!

Chris Yinger
CHRIS YINGER -- recent graduate from a leading Pentecostal Bible College. Chris, along with several students, produced a class project DVD entitled "HOMOSEXUALITY IN THE PENTECOSTAL CHURCH" posing two questions;
1. Has the Pentecostal Church's response to the Gay and lesbian Community been appropriate? and

2. Does the Pentecostal Church need to re-think its position on homosexuality?


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